Alix Christopher Toulme Jr.

for President 2024

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UFO Secrecy

We must end and declassify the truth about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

United Earth Republic

New Technology

In the Future all of the nations and kingdoms of the earth will unite.

We must declassify new technologies that could transform earth.



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There's no use denying it anymore and If I aim to be a politician in the US and to accomplish my goals I must embrace the AC in my name. And maybe this was my destiny all along? 

Called the US Secret Service today, and left a detailed message. Perhaps they will offer me protection as a Presidential Candidate? And if I am martyred at least I died for my beliefs.


Just spoke to Former VP Dick Cheney via telepathy. We spoke about the controversial nature of my 2024 campaign and he expressed concern with some of my public statements. He also stated that he agreed with the Kudos program. NEO and KIP could really work in the US!

Additionally, I spoke to Senator Ted Cruz and we spoke about critical race theory. I must admit that I am not as well educated on this topic. But I will say, that the revelation that we humans are not alone in the Cosmos, will have a positive affect on race theory on earth.

Lastly, I spoke to President Joe Biden and I wanted him to know that my 2024 campaign is nothing personal. I just think we should take the united States in a different direction. He also stated: No! When I asked about non-lethal weapons and bullets. I am shocked and saddened that the US President cares more about the gun vote than American lives.